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General Merchandise

Honda Trading supplies paper, mostly copy paper and industrial paper, used by the Honda Group in catalogs and packaging materials.

We also make use of group bases to handle global demand for energy materials, rubber processing chemicals and wrought copper (processed copper products).

We are able to offer a unique service by covering a broad range of commodities for which there are strong market needs.

Business fields

  • Procurement and supply of paper products, energy materials, wrought copper, rubber processing chemicals and lubricating oil, etc.

Main commodities handled

Paper for use in catalogs and leaflets, industrial paper, packaging materials,
uniforms, lubricating oil, anti-rust oil, tire chips, operating fuel, etc.


We provide a global supply function for highly competitive Asian products, and have expanded trade with customers who are actively seeking to expand operations overseas.

We have contributed to environmental conservation by recycling used tires and promoting resources recycling management for used paper.

Bespoke Online Print Management System

The print management solution is comprises a consortium of different printers and paper merchants. By joining together a variety of printing companies in we are able to meet Honda’s varied and challenging needs. We manage the end-to-end process to ensure consistent, high quality service is delivered to our customers.

Via an on-site print manager, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. High Quality product
  2. Exceptional service level
  3. Reliability
  4. Competitive pricing
  5. Corporate Identity integrity
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